Guild rules and guidelines:

As a member of our guild you represent Tiwaz's Emissaries as a whole. Therefore, there are some rules and guidelines you are expected to follow. Members are expected to:

Promotion to Emissary rank:

The emissary rank is an important achievement. Getting your promotion means you have shown a certain dedication to the guild, and that as you have shown to be able to play according to the guild's philosophy (see rules and guidelines above).

To get promoted, you must carry out 4 things:

  1. Find an item about the world of Midgard, this is level based, and the items needed, are:
    10-14 Pulsing Rotwood Heart (dropped by Weeping Willows in Myrkwood)
    15-19 Werewolf hide
    20-24 Fire ant leg
    25-29 Firecloak (one-time drop)
    30-35 Flamecast Ring (one-time drop)
    36+ Red Spinel

    These items will be returned to you, they just need to shown to the officer.
    To clarify, you only need to get one (1) of these items, based on what level you are.

    If you are a crafter, you can instead choose to show the promoter a 400+ skill item you can make, or otherwise prove you have 400+ in your tradeskill (for example through Chronicles/XML data). For promoters, shift + I the item to check who the item was made by.

  2. Log onto this site and take a look about.
    The officer inviting you will have asked you for your e-mail address to create an account for you. If you did not receive an e-mail, contact me at thorarintiwaz DOT org and I'll try and sort it out (be sure to mention character names).
  3. Say this line to the promoter: The bears were eating syrup.
  4. Finally, you need at least two vouches from current full members (Emissary and up). Try to have the vouches from online people, as it will speed up the procedure.
    It helps to have grouped with some guild members so they get to know you better than just from guild chat. People are more inclined to vouch for people they know well.

Thorarin, GM of Tiwaz's Emissaries.