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2005-06-16 17:52:32  -  Red Shadows Alliance: rules and guidelines
Below you will find a copy of the current Alliance Chat and Call To Arms rules.

Every member of Emissary rank and higher assumed to be aware of these guidelines and to follow them. If you haven't read the rules before, please take a few minutes to read them fully.



/AS Channel Rules
The RSA /as channel is a free channel for all our members to use as they wish. There is though a few rules as to your conduct when using this channel.

  1. Never ask for money or power levelling over the /as channel

  2. Don't use the /as channel to talk to guild mates. Use /gu.

  3. Don't hold private conversations over the /as channel. e.g. XXX :- 'lo YYY how are you today?' YYY:- 'Fine m8. And u?'

  4. Don't spam the /as channel with 'WTB XXX' or 'WTS XXX'. If you really need to sell/buy an item quick then you can ask in /as ONCE. No more as seeing the same stuff spammed on any channel quickly becomes irritating.

  5. Should people be interested in your wears do NOT use the /as channel to hold an auction. Create a /cg and do it in that.

  6. Please mind your language when using the /as channel. Not all guilds are purely adult orientated. Spamming the alliance channel with one word outbursts like XXXX: - 'FUCK!' will not be tolorated.

  7. Do not police the /as channel. Were not LFoM and we have better and more civilised ways of dealing with people then sending them sarcastic and antagonistic pm's. If whats being said is very bad or persistant, then either contact an officer/gm in his guild or contact a RS officer and let us deal with it.

  8. No arguing over the /as channel. Theres nothing wrong with stating different opinions but as soon as it turns into a 'LOL! ur a noob everyone knows it's XXX' thats when it's becomes a petty argument. 'It's XXXX because of YYYY' is a much better way of putting it as this shows your more likely to know what your talking about and over the age of 8 and as such will be taken more seriously.

Things we do encourage in the /as channel
  1. LFG requests
  2. Advice/questions.
  3. Offering the services of tradesmen i.e. legendry crafters announcing that they're open for business.
  4. Starting (or filling out) groups for encounters/ml's/rvr etc.

The rules concerning the issuing of CTA's (Call to Arms)

The rules will be as follows :
  1. The issuing of an alliance CTA will be limited to the following people :

    Should Ste not be online any of the following will be empowered with the authority to issue a CTA:

    Any CTA's issued by anyone else are to be ignored. All gm's retain the right to issue guild CTA's. The people issuing CTA's will ofc be in constant contact with alliance officers who will advise on the need for any CTA.

  2. CTA's will only be issued when the keep that opens the relic gate comes under a determined attack and we have relics to defend.

  3. CTA's issued by a different alliance to RS can be ignored. Feel free to answer their call and pls report the news to our alliance but you are under no obligation to answer any other alliances CTA.

  4. The reporting of enemys within our frontier is to be encouraged. The asking for help is also acceptable.

  5. Should anyone not authorised issue a CTA then don't pm them or argue in /as. They will be dealt with by their own guild officers. In the event of there not being any senior officers online then the most senior RS officer will deal with the problem.

  6. Introduction of a CTA alert system - - To make things a little clearer for peeps just logging in etc, we have introduced a frontier alert system. The AMOTD (Alliance Message Of The Day) will now be used to display the current situation in our frontiers. The alerts can be seen when u first log in or zone or can be seen at anytime by typing /gc info. The alerts will be as follows:

    Basically all is well in our frontiers, no need to worry.

    There are many enemys within our frontiers borders, although they're not making any serious advances towards our relic keeps, we need to be rdy to muster our forces asap should we move to red alert. A chat group will be set up for all the alliance leaders to join, this will be used to keep the alliances leaders upto date as possible and advise the senior /as officer on the need for CTA's etc.

    Under amber alert we would advise that peeps try and avoid starting long ml's/arty raids, or at least be rdy to stop the raid and answer any CTA's should the worst happen. We would also ask that any /as members not doing anything at the time join the current frontiers /bg and lend a hand if possible.

    Should you see this then all lvl 45+ members are expected to make their way to the frontiers and join in the defence of the realm. A CTA has been issued. Anyone below 45, well this is ur choice. Yes you will die (alot) but the RS guild will always try and make room for everybody who answers the call. Imo if a lvl 7 turns up and he ends up being 1-shot nuked for 1000+ instead of a healer/CC being interupted then he has done his job and will get nothing but praise from me.
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2005-06-23 00:16:24  -  Re: Red Shadows Alliance: rules and guidelines
Updated post to include the Alliance Chat rules.